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So this is the initial staging video of 7771 Valley quail point. Very lovely home. It’s a 3-bedroom, 2 baths, but the second bedroom is like 2 bedrooms in 1. So, she’s going to be occupying this when, when we’re showing. So I just want to do some like a prelim video and see if there’s anything you want me to change about the staging. and down the hallway, we’ve got. That some really pretty art pieces here, but a little bit of extra stuff down the hall that maybe you might want to consider taking down, or just do one, perhaps this is the main bath. I like the Paris picture. That’s cool. And then this bedroom is actually, it could be 2 bedrooms, but they took the wall out in between. So it’s got 2 closets and 2 doors and 2 windows. So it could be 2 bedrooms. You just have to add a wall. We’ll go to the other side. Okay now I’ll show you, these pictures are very cute. This is the master bedroom, a lot of family pictures on this wall and the closet doesn’t have a door. It’s a nice long closet. Probably could use a little bit of staging. There’s something here at the base of the bed. And here is the master bathroom, the dining room. There’s an extra chair over here. Might want to, I’m thinking we might remove that one. Let me back up here so you can see the whole kitchen. It’s a good size kitchen Has a nice big breakfast bar. Here is the back deck with a huge backyard.

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Barb Schlinker, Listing Agent