Tax Breaks for Real Estate Investors Could be Ending under Biden

Tax Breaks for Real Estate Investors Could be Ending under Biden    Some people who own rental properties will sometimes sell those properties. Do they have to pay Capital Gains taxes on the profit each time they sell?   Some of the richest people I know own real estate as an investment.  It all works […]

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Should I Sell or Rent My Home in 2021

Should I Sell or Rent My Home in 2021 Many homeowners consider renting out a home they need to move out of instead of selling.  What are some of the pros and cons of selling the home vs renting the home out? 1. The Mortgage Will get Paid off at closing. There is no need […]

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How a Divorce Affects Your House, Mortgage & Taxes

How a Divorce Affects Your House, Mortgage & Taxes Of the many emotional and financial challenges with a divorce, dealing with the real estate part of it can be daunting. What are the things homeowners need to know about the house, the mortgage and taxes when facing a Divorce?   Get some non-emotional trusted advisors […]

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What Makes Some Homes FLY off the Shelf & Others NOT + FREE use of a Moving Van

There a lot of ideas on how to get a home ready for sale. But once they get presented to the market, what makes some homes FLY off the shelf and others sit there? The Barb Schlinker Team is designed to help home sellers get the MOST MONEY. Stars are Aligned to get top dollar […]

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Trade Up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When Moving Up to Your Next Home

  Trade-Up Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When Moving Up to Your Next Home The Real Estate Dilemma is TWO-FOLD Need their net proceeds Rendered in a temporary housing situation Needing the Net Proceeds Option   Option 1: Sell the Home!   Option 2: What if You have NOT lined up a Destination? We […]

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Why So Few Homes are on the Market Now

Why Are There Much Fewer Homes on the Market? Rising Home Prices Low-Interest Rates Inventory of Available homes is at RECORD LOW   More Reasons for Fewer Homes for Sale! New Construction Not Keeping UP Lumber Prices High Slowing Spec Homes “Even if Colorado could somehow double the number of housing permits issued, the Colorado […]

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Top 8 Things Sellers Need to Know BEFORE They Put Their House on the Market

Eight Things Sellers Need to Know in Today’s Market What are some things Home Sellers should be prepared for before they put their homes on the market? Preparation is KEY 8 Step Checklist Then the Marketing Systems Get Activated 16 Key System Activation Market demand is High Showing, Inspection Chaos Worse Than Ever! We put […]

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Top 5 Showing Mistakes to Avoid | Barb Schlinker

What are the top five showing mistakes home sellers should avoid? Not Having Your Home Show Ready Following Buyers Around Leaving Alarms On Leaving Screen Doors Locked Not containing Pets Buyers and their agents prefer to be able to view the property without distraction. However, it is your home so if you cannot leave, it […]

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Do Home Sellers Really Save Money When Hiring a Discount Agent | Barb Schlinker

So why go with a full commission, full-service agent when you can get the same services, pretty much from an agent who discounts their fee.  Are they really saving money? Everyone wants a great deal! But is a home seller really saving money going with a discount agent? I recently sold a client’s home who […]

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How Bidens Capital Gains Proposal May Hit Home Sellers, Investors in RED Hot Market | Barb Schlinker

What are some of the tax issues home sellers must know before putting their Colorado Springs area home up for sale? In 1998 the law changed that provided for sellers to gain: $250,000 for not married $500,000 for married Tax-FREE on the Sale of A Home. This Segment is about Taxes when you sell a […]

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